Best Golf Drivers for Seniors 2018 And How to Pick the Right One For You

We have really been considering age as merely a number. Besides, some senior golfers are made even younger, feel younger, and look even younger by their affinity to this wonderful hobby. How would you describe then the best golf drivers for seniors? Do they really need to have their own design of golf drivers? We think so.

For many veteran senior golfers 50-year old and up, finding the best golf driver for them is quite easy. Also, for those who are starting to like the hobby, here are some of the things that you should consider before buying a golf driver.


Essential Factors to Consider

1. Which is the better driver head size (smaller or larger?)

I have been approached many times about the best size of club heads by senior golf fanatics. And I answered back with another question. How swiftly could you swing a larger head and a smaller head golf drivers? The best answer here may be answered by the golfer itself. For me, choose the one that best fit your skills and your stamina.

However, as most senior golfers above 50 begin to lose focus (certainly not all of them), it is better to choose larger head golf drivers.

2. Know your loft

The loft is the angle between the golf driver’s face and the perpendicular plane. The loft is the predominant factor affecting the trajectory of the golf ball. If you are a slow swinger, it is the more loft you need to maximize your backspin, and consequently, strike a farther distance.

​Standard loft that is advisable for seniors is between 8 to 12. These variations cover both slow swinger and those who are improving their skills every day.

3. The right shaft weight and length

The benefit of a lighter shaft is that you could be able to swing it faster and enhance more club heads feet. Basically, when something is lighter, it could be more difficult to feel. The most convenient solution here is to get you to a certified fitter on a launch monitor and customize your driver so you could find the right one for you.

​Moreover, for the right length of the shaft, you could always consider the shaft flex. Seniors basically prefer the A-flex shaft, but you could always deviate from the traditional if it will allow you for a much better performance.

You can always choose to keep the shaft shorter or longer, depending on your skills. The great fact about longer shaft is that it can cover a much farther distance. Unfortunately, this would happen only if you know how to strike precisely the center of the ball. You could do it much better next time.

4. Consider graphite shaft

If you want a truly light golf club, find the one with graphite shaft. Although most brands have different weights and variable kick-off points, you can certainly find the right the one that could give the perfect ball flight for you. However, other golfers your age who are heavy-built, and muscled, prefer iron or steel alloy driver because this allows them to have a variety of shots from all over the course.

5. Know your launch angle

The concept of launch angle is not difficult to understand. Understanding this idea will enable you to determine your capacity or how powerful your shot is. This also aids in determining the spin rate.

​In other words, the launch angle is merely your gauge in knowing your capability to struck a ball and aim for the target. Use this guide to choose the most appropriate driver for your specific skills and endurance.

  • 60 – 70 mph (96- 113kph) = 13ᵒ – 15ᵒ launch angle
  • 70 – 80 mph (96- 128kph) = 12ᵒ – 14ᵒ launch angle
  • 80 – 90 mph (128- 145kph) = 11ᵒ – 13ᵒ launch angle
  • 90 – 100 mph (145- 161kph) = 10ᵒ – 12ᵒ launch angle
  • Over 100 mph (161kph) = 9ᵒ – 11ᵒ launch angle

More tips about launch angle

To improve on your launch angle, remember these 3 rules that expert senior golfers have been keen in observing whenever they are on the greens:

  • Swinging the club swiftly will require you to have a lower loft.
  • Additionally, the more you swing the driver softly, the higher the spin rate.
  • Finally, if you have a higher spin rate, it follows that you will cover a shorter distance.

Top 5 Best Golf Drivers for Seniors Reviews of 2018

1. Callaway Men’s XR Driver


The Callaway XR Driver is really exceptional. Male senior golfers will never have a bad time in the fairway when this driver is on the loose. With its ability to strike the ball with accuracy (veteran senior golfers will surely have no sweat doing this) as this driver comes with a larger sweet spot.

An extra distance is almost always a possibility for this club, even though the senior golfer had a bad day of mis-hits. This driver is made with a 10-percent lower face weight providing more momentum during a strike. The advanced aerodynamic head design and the Speed Step Crown feature make the XR Driver stands out from the rest.

Things We Liked:

  • Aerodynamically superior
  • Easily adjustable
  • Precise and accurate
  • Produces clear and loud sound as an indication of a good hit
  • Suitable for senior golfers with less than 100mph swing speed

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Unfortunately with too much loft
  • Tight to the grip

2. TaylorMade Men's M1 460cc Driver


This driver from TaylorMade is really tailor-made for senior golfers with slower swing capability. Made from a material just like its predecessor (the M1), the TaylorMade 460cc Driver is shaved off with minimal weight to lower its CG (center of gravity) so that it will have a deeper ascension even if hit with a slow speed.

This model is available in RH and LH versions so any type of senior tee-explorer will have the chance to own one. This driver is capable of hot trajectory enhancing low spin, high launch, and optimum long distant strike. Its 3 similarly innovative features are combined to give this piece of engineering maximum forgiveness across the driver’s face.

Things We Liked:

  • Has massive sweet spot, purblind seniors has the edge
  • Multi-material crown technology and has the highest MOI
  • Handsomely sleek design
  • Ultra low CG (center of gravity)
  • Maximized distant forgiveness

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Ideal only for recreational golfers and not for competitions

3. Cobra Men's KING F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft)


The Cobra Men’s KING F6 Driver is available in LH and RH model. This cool looking driver really makes some scene at the putting green. It has the proprietary Speed Channel engulfing the perimeter of the face. This feature increases the ball speed hit at the center and in combination with the E9 Titanium variable face thickness, the F6 is truly unforgiving.

The special feature this monster has will make seniors truly in love with this driver. It is fitted with the latest in a technology called MyFly8. An adjustable socket that could change the loft from 9ᵒ to 12ᵒ in no time. Additionally, the Cobra KING F6 is made wider and shallower allowing lower CG.

Things We Liked:

  • Made from forged Titanium 811, a very strong material
  • Truly indestructible
  • Very light to the feel
  • Enhances more speed and distance even for slow swinger

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Awkward swapping weights
  • Had to unscrew and refit two weights to swap the sole

4. Callaway Men's XR 16 Driver


The Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver is really fit for over 50 golfers. It has a larger face shape for more intense MOI (moment of Inertia), while its CG (center of gravity) is deeper and way too low. It is also aerodynamically designed allowing the ball in flight to mimic a bird on a dive when it ascends and descends in the putting green.

Its RMOTO technology makes this awesome driver very light (9 grams lighter) and really sleek and slim allowing a more energetic ball flight. Its grip is wisely crafted permitting a good hold. The shaft is also lighter at only 57 gram, an ideal weight for grandpas.

Things We Liked:

  • Reduced spin, a lower launch is easily achievable
  • Extremely forgiving driver
  • 19{e114f9a2986628e2eac5feb2b97d2055b459e38eb95a7dd36201aedca290889b} thinner face compared to most brands

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Very tall and muscular senior golfers might be intimidated by its lightness

5. Adams Golf Men's Blue Driver RH


The Adams Golf Men's Blue Driver is truly slim, light and has one of the lowest CG among the current breed of drivers. It is ergonomically designed with the Velocity Slot Technology TM allowing senior golfers more flexibility and speed. The Adams Blue also boasts of a great deal of roll, and with a perfect launch and spin to boot. Truly amazing piece of engineering!

Furthermore, the Blue Driver RH will hit the fairway with accuracy without much side spin. It is also ideal for starters as its shaft is designed with a standard A-flex. The Blue is also driven by a nice feel as it is so light, the swing is almost effortless for the golfer. The hit is stable, with almost zero twisting.

Things We Liked:

  • Shaft made from graphite
  • Sleek and handsome look
  • Standard length shaft (42 in)
  • The Easy Launch System Technology really enhances great skill for seniors

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The slim shaft might not be convenient for some


Determining the best golf drivers for seniors, it is best to figure out your swing speed. This will make you comfortable in choosing the right driver for you.

​At this point of our discussion, I will point out to you the best golf driver for me based on our reviews. I religiously choose the Callaway Men’s XR Driver. This is primarily because of its aerodynamic design, larger sweet spot, almost perfect shaft, and a lower face weight.

​For a guy like me, which is not so tall and not so muscular, a light golf driver with a sleek shaft is just the right one for me. The Callaway Men’s XR Driver will certainly be a great companion for more exciting golf games.

​With its unique design, just the right loft, the ideal weight of shaft which is also made from graphite, larger head, and large sweet spot, the XR Driver meets all my expectations.

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