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Best Home Golf Simulator 2017: An Essential for your Practice Sessions

Practice makes perfect - this should be the mantra of anyone who is learning to play golf. It may not be the easiest sport to learn, but with patience and determination, it will not take long before you can master the fundamental skills. Luckily, modern technology has provided innovative means to be better in this sport, such as in the form of a golf simulator.

Are you on the lookout for the best home golf simulator? If you are clueless on which one will make the top pick, keep on reading the rest of this post. We will identify five of the choices that are guaranteed to provide the best bang for the buck, providing you with the assurance that they will be instrumental in improving your game.

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Best Golf Hats: An Essential Protective Gear for Every Player

Being dressed from head to toe is one of the most important when playing golf. From the right shoes to the trousers to shirt, you must not only be stylish, but also comfortable. This will help you to perform at your best. Among others, a hat is one of the essentials for any golfer’s apparel.

The market is filled with an abundance of options for the best golf hats. However, this should not be an excuse for you to choose just any product. Read the rest of this post and we’ll help you to narrow down the possibilities, increasing the likelihood of choosing a product that provides the best bang for the buck.

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Best Golf Club Grips Reviews (Read This First Before You Buy A Grip)

According to one of the leading golf websites today, 9 out of 10 golfers (amateurs or veterans) play the wrong size of golf club grips. The study shows that after analyzing 1,440 swings, the site figured out that finding the right grip size has little effect on the size of the hands.

Furthermore, even personal preference has also a diminutive (very little percentage) effect on the swing. This best golf club grip reviews will take you further on the phenomenon of today’s club grip designs.

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Best 60 Degree Wedge: Top Picks for 2017

When it comes to golf clubs, a wedge is perhaps one of the most important. In fact, it is what you will be using in about a quarter of all the shots that you have to complete in a regular game of golf. With its importance, you need to use only the best, which will be highly instrumental in improving your performance.

​What is the Best 60 Degree Wedge? In this post, we will let you know what to buy. We will have a quick look at five of the best products available in the market today, as well as the features that give them a distinction above many others.

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