Five Ways to Sink That Shot and Quit Being Happy Gilmore

Most people know the film Happy Gilmore. It is a film about a fictional hockey player who moves over into the sport of golf. It is not an unusual thing for people to discover the game of golf even if they did not play it before. Maybe you were not exposed to it early and always loved other sports until recently.

​Once you start playing golfing, you will probably begin to see just how challenging it is. Two aspects of the sport – keeping your head down and keeping your feet correctly postured – set the game of golf apart from other sports. Even after you start to practice these things and learn how to grip the club correctly, it is likely that you will discover the difficulty of achieving the same sort of success as the Rory McIlroys and Phil Mickelsons out there. You might begin to experience what I call Happy Gilmoreitis.


​Happy Gilmore was famous for his angry tirades and uncontrollable temper. Adam Sandler, the actor who played the character, represents the experiences of many beginning golfers or those who have not played in a while. Anger might build in golfers when they try to hit their balls in the holes and they miss, or hit them close, but not close enough.

​Many golfers’ goals might be to approach the professional level. Some are able to achieve this, while others might not be able to graduate to such levels. Either way, there is a chance for success for golfers who want to better their games. Here are some ways you can improve your golfing:

1. Use your fingers


Correctly gripping any club is an important aspect of golf. You need to place all your fingers on the club and be able to hit or position the ball the correct way. By controlling the club with your focus, you can find success with your putts or swing. Dave Stockton and Ron Kaspriske warn golfers to avoid using their forefingers to steer their clubs.

2. Keep an eye on where you are aiming

While you do not want your eyes completely on the ball at all times, you do not want your eyes completely focused on the direction you are hitting or putting, either. It's important to know where you the ball is and where you want to hit it.

3. Choose hands to lead and follow

Everyone is either right- or left-handed and will use either hand when hitting or putting a ball. What you want to keep in mind, though, is that one hand should be the director of your swing, much like Dennis Dugan directed the movie Happy Gilmore. Your other hand should follow the direction of the other. Combining both your hands and following the lead hand’s direction can help golfers achieve the highest levels of golfing success.

4. Align your feet correctly

When you are hitting or putting the ball, you might want to be aware of how the positions of your feet can impact your swing. The positions could make a huge difference in the direction your ball lands. If your feet are directed toward the right side of the hole and your ball ends up on the left side of the hole, that constitutes a positioning problem. Working with a golf professional or caddy on your game –and your positioning – can make all the difference during your next round.

5. Examine your game

After you have played each hole, it can be very helpful to look at what you can do better next time. By critiquing yourself or involving the help of a friend or professional for such constructive criticism, you could make major improvements that may lead you to become the next Tiger Woods.

Golf is a tough game. It is one of the hardest out there and there is no reason to feel ashamed for not doing well, especially if you are just beginning. Many professional golfers took years to hone their craft and still look for ways to learn and improve.

​Arnold Palmer said something that is exceptionally true about golf. “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated. It satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect,” Palmer said. “It is at the same time rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.” Even Palmer, one of biggest legends of the game, faced difficulties with the game and understood it well. We can all be like Palmer in looking to understand the frustrations of the game but never giving up until we find success.

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