Golf Game In Off Season: Winter Golfing Tips & Tricks

With winter approaching, you probably dread the end of your golfing season. The good news is, there are plenty of options to get your golf fix during the off season when golfers put their clubs away. If winter hibernation has always been a misery to you, read on to find out 5 creative ways that will get you through the off season until you can get back onto the golf course.


1. Keeping Fit

First, and probably the most obvious thing to do - is keeping your exercise routine in check to avoid any injuries and strains come springtime. Exercising during offseason will not only keep you in shape, but will also improve your game. Flexibility, strengthening and balance are three things that can improve your game without even stepping foot on golf course.

​Practice cardiovascular exercises that increase your heartrate at least four times per week. Try walking as much as you can. Cardiovascular exercise routine will keep you fit, improve your stamina and, more importantly, improve your health.

​With lower back pain being the most common type of golf-related injury, upper back and hip flexibility exercises during off season will prevent any unpleasant surprises when you hit the round. Flexibility exercises will prevent injuries and allow for the better swing range.

​Core is surprisingly the weakest but the most important part of golfers’ bodies. Muscles in your lower back, stomach, hips allow you to take a powerful and technically correct swing. Therefore, building a better core is crucial to the quality of your game as well as to avoiding golf-related injuries.

2. Practice On Golf Simulator

Golf simulator might not be as exciting as green spacious golf courses, however it will let you practice driving and iron shots while at the same time getting you some golf fix. Golf simulators will satisfy your urge for competitive game as the big screen takes you to the world’s top golfing locations.

3. Set Up Putting and Chipping Space Indoors

Putting indoors is one of the first things that comes to mind when the golf course is out of the equation. After all, the good rolling carpet and the plastic is all you need to get started. Aside from the most obvious equipment that does not require any investments, you can splash out on putting mat. It will not break your wallet at the same time improving your putting skills. That way when you are out on the green, you will be able to complete your bogey-free round.

The best way to improve your short game is practicing as much as you can. And there is no better time than the offseason to achieve that. Shop around for chipping net, launch mat and some practice balls - and you are all set. When you finally hit the golf course you will not spend a second thinking over what technique, stroke or club to use.

4. Practice Full Swing

Hank Haney recommends making 100 swings a day - without even hitting the ball. While this may not seem very rewarding, Haney assures that sticking to this rule will most certainly improve your swing technique out on the green. Practice your swing in the backyard or - if the space permits - without leaving your house.

On this note, there is some equipment out on the market which might make the ‘100-swings-a-day’ more satisfying. Set up a portable driving range net in your garage or basement and hit a real ball! To get even more results out of your swing improvement exercises, get some budget tools that will help you work on your impact and tempo. For example, impact tape for your golf club or golf trainer whip to work on your tempo and balance.

Throughout any winter there are days when you can easily afford stepping out into the golf course. After all, a lot of layers of clothing is all you need to enjoy some winter golfing.

5. Plan A Golf Trip

While it may seem like an expensive idea at first, there are plenty of offseason golfing destinations that you can enjoy on a tight budget in winter. The Uniter Arab Emirates, Vietnam, South Africa, Barbados, Majorca and of course the sunnier US states are all perfect destinations for golf fans. For example California’s Napa Valley north of San Francisco offers amazing golf courses, with Silverado Golf Resort being one of the go-to destinations for golfers. During the months of March through to November the rates are at its highest, making the winter months the best for money-saving golf trips. Napa Valley features plenty of comfortable hotels and guest houses, so you can opt to stay at one of the budget-friendly hotels in Napa Valley instead of staying right at the resort to save yourself additional dollars.

Of course it is costlier than playing at your local golf course however the joy you get from visiting a different country or state and practicing your swing is worth every penny. What is even better is organizing the trip with your golf buddies: bet you some of them will support this idea with a lot of enthusiasm.

If you are lucky enough to live in the evergreen countries like Australia and New Zealand then with the right winter gear handy you can enjoy golf pretty much all year round. Pay special attention when buying golf shoes to play in winter: these will save the day on wet slippery winter golf courses.

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