7 Golf Tips For Beginners: Here’s How You Can Improve Your Game

When I started playing golf, I had hesitations. What if I fail to hit the ball? What if I let go of the wrong swing? What if I hit someone with the club? Funny as it may seem, the latter actually crossed my mind!

​I was so full of what ifs. I was uncertain. But there is one thing I know – I want to learn how to play golf. Yes, it has not been easy. But now, I can say that I have mastered the tricks and I am way better than how I played years ago.

​Let me share with you some of the things that I know about the sport. Keep on reading and learn some golf tips for beginners that will allow you to learn the sport quickly and master your game in no time.


Ready? Don’t worry. This won’t be a long article. I know that your attention span is short. I will keep it as brief as possible.

1. Know How To Grip The Club

How To Grip The Club

This is one of the first tricks that you should learn. I have seen a lot of players before who tend to grip the golf club as if it is a baseball bat. This is wrong! You need to learn the proper grip as it will help you to move easily and will also control your force.

One of the most common is known as the interlocking grip. With this, have the right hand’s pinky locked in between the middle and index finger of your left hand. This may seem simple, but this is actually the grip of some of the best names in the sport, including Tiger Woods.

You can also consider doing the Vardon or overlapping grip. In the case of the latter, it is comparable to how you do the interlocking grip. However, the difference is that you won’t have to link your fingers together. Rather, while the middle and index finger will be together, the right pinky should be on the top.

​To make things easier, here is a video showing how you can properly hold the golf club. Grab your golf club now and follow the steps in this short tutorial.

2. Learn the Right Posture

Learn the Right Posture

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As you start learning, you should also master the right posture. This is one of the first things that I learned. By just watching videos online, I was able to quickly master how it is done.

Believe me, there is a lot of difference between someone who knows how to stand right compared to someone who seems uneasy and lacking posture while on the golf course.

​To start with, bend in your hips. You should never bend your middle back or waist. You should also not slouch your back. With this position, you can have the proper swing. This should be maintained from the takeaway all the way to the follow through.

​When it comes to posture, another thing that you should remember is that you should never over-bend your knee. When the club hits the ground or touches the ball, this is the time wherein you have to flex your knee, but make sure that this is not overdone.

3. Swing It Right

swing golf

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In golf, the faster the swing, the better and more powerful it is – this is totally wrong. Swing is not all about speed. In fact, it is an art that should be mastered. This is not one thing that you will learn overnight.

​From my own personal experience, the swing is something that is a bit difficult to learn. All that matters, as for me, is to find one that you are most comfortable with.

​The first thing that you have to learn is the takeaway, which is the first part of the swing. This is when the club moves from your back to the ball.

​One of the most important thing to consider is that the shoulders, arms, and hands must work together as one piece. The flex should be on your right knee, but you should not bend too much. It is also important to take it slow, which will make the swing smoother.

4. Take a Golf Lesson

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When I started playing golf, I was hesitant at the idea of taking formal lessons, thinking that it is a waste of money.

After all, who would pay for a golf instructor when there are tons of videos and articles that you can see online, making it easier for you to learn the basics of golf?

​However, I realized that self-study is never enough. It is still better if you will have formal lessons from a pro who actually knows the sport.

This will be an opportunity to immediately correct any mistake. You will learn a lot of things, which will not be possible if you opt to learn the sport on your own.

5. Invest in the Right Golf Club

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No, I am not talking about buying the most expensive golf club that is available on the market. Rather, you should take your time to differentiate the possibilities and look for the best golf club for beginners.

You will be good with one that comes with an economical price. Just look for more expensive clubs once you have already gained the skills that are necessary.​

Make sure that the golf club has an easy grip, which is important for beginners. It should also be lightweight, making it easy for you to show off the right swing. It is also recommended that you choose one that is oversized and has a massive sweet spot.

6. Know The Rules

golf ru

This is by far one of the most ignored golf tips for beginners. You may be too focused on learning the sport and hence, you may proceed directly into mastering the techniques.

​In reality, however, you should first know the rules of the game, as well as the etiquette. This will provide you with the foundation that you need.

​Keep in mind that there is no referee on the golf course. You are the one who will notice your own mistakes, so be aware of the infractions that will be made.

​When hitting your shot, be as quiet as possible. Respect the time of other players, especially when they are concentrating. As they say, do not do unto others what you do not want them to do unto you.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

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This is the best amongst the golf tips for beginners that I can share. When I was just starting, there have been many instances when I felt that giving up was the best thing to do.

​The sport was not hard to learn. It might seem easy when you see it, but once you are already holding the club, it is a different feeling.

​From the posture to the swing, a lot needs to be learned. I did not give up, even if there have been many temptations to do so. I remain steadfast in my goal.

With this, I recommend the same thing to anyone who wishes to learn golf. Just be patient. It takes a lot of practice. Keep on reading and watching videos. Practice as much as possible, even at the comfort of your own home.


By now, I hope that you have learned a thing or two from the golf tips for beginners that I have mentioned above. The road to being a player may not be an easy journey.

​Nonetheless, once you are able to master the basics, you will realize that all your efforts have been worth it. It can even be your starting ground towards being a pro.

Do you have other tips to share? Feel free to leave a comment and let others know how they can be better in golf.

Emilia Clarke

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