7 of the Hottest Women in Golf: They Make the Sport Sizzle

Golf is a male-dominated sport. Nonetheless, lately, more and more women have been hooked on the sport. And in this case, we mean not only any woman but hot women. With this, in the rest of this list, we will take a quick look at some of the hottest women in golf. These girls will change the way you look at golf and may inspire you to hit the greens!


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Before you keep on reading, here is a short video featuring some of the best women in the field of golf:

1. Paige Spiranac

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Before she even carved a name in the field of golf, Paige has already established a reputation as an Instagram star. This has been highly instrumental in making her one of the sexiest women in golf. She was also a correspondent at Golf Digest. In June 2016, she won her first pro tournament on the Cactus Tour. At the age of 23, she is expected t be one of the biggest names in golf in the coming years, not only because of her looks but also because of her notable skills.

2. Meghan Hardin

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At the age of 19, she has already made names all over the world when she appeared in The Big Break of Golf Channel. In 2012, she turned professional. Prior to such, she has a rich amateur career and she has also already won several awards, making her a league of her own. In 2011, she became the Team Captain of the California Community College Atlantic Association.

She is still one of the youngest players with an impressive performance in golf. She may be young, but her skills can easily fool you and you might instantly think that she has been in the pro group for a long time.

3. Beatriz Recari

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All the way from Pamplona, this Spanish beauty is another woman who makes golf a more interesting sport. As early as 11 years old, she has already been playing golf. This training provided her with the foundation of her career today. Some of her earliest accomplishments include her victory at the 2003 British Girls Amateur Championship, 2004 Spanish Amateur Championship, and 2005 French Amateur Championship.

When it comes to her professional career, on the other hand, she became part of the Ladies European Tour while still taking her Economics degree at the University of Navarra.

4. Blair O’Neal

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From the first time you see Blaire, even when she is fully-clothed, it will already be easy to understand why she is considered as one of the sexiest women in golf. Wait until she shows off some skin, and for sure you will be convinced that she is a name to be reckoned with.

A graduate of the Arizona University her beautiful face and body did not only land her a career a golf, but also in the field of modeling. This bombshell has started showing signs of success early when she won the long-drive championship in NCAA for two times.

5. Sandra Gal

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All the way from Germany, Sandra has been a staple in the LPGA tournaments for more than ten years now. In 2011, during the KIA Classic, she was able to achieve her first LPGA victory. At her performance, she has been ranked as the 33rd in the World Ranking.

In spite of all these achievements, however, the first thing that you will notice even Sandra plays is her looks. With this, there is no wonder why she was able to build her career in the field of fashion. She endorses different brands, the most popular of which is Callaway.

6. Cheyenne Woods

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The list of the sexiest women in golf won’t be complete without a mention of Cheyenne. The niece of Tiger Woods, she has been popular in the sport not only because of their familial relationship but also because of her innate talent in the sport, and more importantly, her hot body.

In 2014, she won the Volvic RACV ladies masters, which made her one of the names to watch out for in the sport. She also won the Ladies European Tour, cementing her reputation not only for her looks but also because of her playing abilities.

7. Natalie Gulbis

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A native of Sacramento, California, Natalie was able to build a name not only because of her golfing skills but also because of her busty and curvaceous body. Under her belt, she has already won one LPGA Tour and she has appeared four times in the top eight finishes of LPGA.

Aside from the golf course, she has already made a career in modeling, which gave her a celebrity status. She was even featured in an FHM edition last April 2016. In 2010, she also made an appearance in the popular TV series, CSI. She has also been endorsing a couple of brands and her sexy pictures have been featured in several marketing campaigns.


Did you enjoy this list? Is there anyone else that you would like to include in the list of the hottest women in golf? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us talk about some of the hottest personalities in the sport.

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