How many dimples are on a regulation golf ball?

Dimples on golf balls are common now a day. Many people don’t know why the manufacturing company uses dimples on the ball. Again, some want to know how many dimples are on a regulation golf ball. Today, we will give you a straightforward solution to it.

Depending on the manufacturer, the number of dimples varies. You can get between 300 and 500 dimples on the quality golf balls. However, for the regulation golf balls, 336 dimples are a common number. Also, other dimples golf balls are suitable for play golf.

​In 1983, the golf ball manufacturers consider 320-336 dimples on the ball. Later, the number of dimples increases to improve the quality of the balls. By increasing the number of dimples, the golf ball improves the quality. As a result, it will always ensure good game time to the golfer.

​Depending on the quality and brand, it can be more than 1,000 dimples on the ball. However, the dimples are smaller than the low intensive golf balls. So, it will have an impact on the game time.

​The high-intensity dimple balls are expensive in price and high in quality. But, you will find very few brands producing high-intensity dimples ball.

​It is impossible to cover a ball without gaps. You will need to use the dimples to cover the ball. Because of many values of N, you need to use the dimples. Otherwise, the speed of the ball will depend on which point you hit the ball.

Why do you need dimples on the golf balls?

The manufacturer uses to create dimples to decrease the drag on the golf ball. You will need a smooth flight on the air as soon as you hit the ball. Therefore, it is important to understand the use of dimples.

​There is no specific number of dimples on the ball. The dimples help to fly the ball into the air higher than a smooth ball. Moreover, it creates spin the ball into the air. As a result, it will ensure to make more distance than a regular ball. Overall, it helps to minimize the effort of a hit of golfer.

​Basically, dimples can control the following aspects of the golf ball:

  • The more dimples it has, the more distance it can make.
  • The more dimples it has, the more it can spin.

Normally, higher number of dimples golf balls are not used in the tournaments. You will get a reasonable good quality golf ball. Moreover, the ball depends on the type of tournament or location.

​However, it is important to have good experience playing with various dimples ball. It helps to improve your playing style and time. Moreover, it makes you familiar with the quality and fitness of the ball. As a result, your game will never become bad when you move to high or low dimples balls in any tournament. It is a good idea to become familiar with all types of golf balls. It will make your game experience excellent for any game.


Now you know how many dimples are on a regulation golf ball. So, you can choose a right golf ball for you. The dimples will make the ball perfect for playing golf. For that reason, you must need to prefer a high intensity of dimples.

But, too much dimples can give more speed than you are familiar. So, the ball should have good number of dimples to improve the quality and spin of the ball. In short, you need a perfect combination of dimples on the golf ball.

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