How Many Golf Clubs in a Set: Here’s What You Should Know

If you are wondering about how many golf clubs in a set, keep on reading the rest of this article. We will not only answer this question, but we will also provide you with insights on what you can expect from each club, including their benefits for the sport.

If you are a beginner, you might find yourself owning a single club. Once you master the fundamentals of the sport, however, you will realize that you will need more golf clubs to up the game.


What To Expect In One Set of Golf Club

The first thing that you have to know is the fact that there is no definite answer on how many golf clubs in a set. This will depend on your personal preferences. Generally speaking, there will be anywhere from 12 to 17 clubs in one set. The composition will depend on the specific set that will be purchased as it can differ from one manufacturer to the other.

However, it is also important to note that golfers are allowed only a maximum of 14 golf clubs in one bag when they are on the golf course. Most golfers will have three kinds of wood, one hybrid, seven irons, and one putter. It is better to have more golf clubs in your bag, up to the allowable amount, which is 14. This will provide you with more choices to be able to improve your in-game performance.


Now that you know the answer to the question, let us take a look at the different types of golf clubs that you should have, as well as their functions.



From your golf clubs, this is the biggest not only in terms of the size of its club head, but also based on the distance that it can produce. It can be used on a tee, while the more experienced ones can use it on the fairway. Also known as the 1-wood, this is also the least lofted when compared to other golf clubs that you can find in the set.

Fairway Woods


Compared to the driver, these golf clubs have more loft. They are also designed in such a way that they will be able to hit the ball both on the Fairway Woods and tee. In most of the instances, there are three woods in a set, which have a loft of anywhere from 12 to 17 degrees.



These golf clubs have heads that are made from metal. Typically, this is used for balls that are 200 yards away from the green. They are numbered from 1 to 9. The higher the number is, the higher is the loft. The closer you get to the green, the higher is the number that should be chosen. If you are a beginner, you might want to choose higher lofted irons, which you can hit easily.



In a complete set of golf clubs, generally, there will be two to three hybrids. They will be reflective of the combination of the features that you can find in fairway woods and irons, which is why they are known as hybrids. One of the differences, however, is that it can be more forgiving, basically because of the center of gravity.



This is the golf club that needs to be used when striking the ball and making it land on the ground. They are lofted higher compared to the clubs that have been mentioned above. They come in different forms, such as pitching, approach, lob, and sand wedges, among others.


This golf club is designed for a special purpose – to direct the ball to a hole. In a typical golf set, there is one mallet or blade putter. The club comes with a flat face, which is meant to deliver low or no loft. This is the most used from the golf clubs that have been mentioned above.


By now, I hope that you already know how many golf clubs in a set. This is basic knowledge that every beginner must know. More than just the numbers, you should also be familiar with the purpose of each club and how it can be used to optimize your performance in every game.

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