Your Question, Answered: How Many Golf Courses in the US

If you are one of the many people interested in knowing how many golf courses in the US, read this post and we will let you know the answer. You do not have to go around the country and start counting! That is a totally ridiculous idea! No one in the right state of mind would most probably do that.


Aside from knowing the number of golf courses in the country, we will also answer other questions that you might possibly have. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, we’ll be sharing some facts that you can possibly find interesting.

How Many Golf Courses in the US

Let us go to the most important part of this post. As one of the largest countries in the world, coupled with the fact that it has a huge part of a population obsessed with golf, it is easy to understand why the United States is one of the countries with the most number of golf courses. In fact, per a report entitled Golf Around the World 2015, there are 34,011 golf courses around the globe. Out of which, 15,372 are found in the US, which is reflective of 45{e114f9a2986628e2eac5feb2b97d2055b459e38eb95a7dd36201aedca290889b} of the golf courses in the world.

When the United States Golf Association was formed in 1895, based on the record of the organization, there were only 76 golf courses in the country. Within the next three years, however, in an overwhelming turn of events, the number of golf courses increased by as much as ten times.

However, if the numbers are to be analyzed, there is a good reason to believe that golf is declining in the United States. It could be because some facilities are old enough, people are looking for other sports, or can also be because more are opting for golf holidays. According to the National Golf Foundation, golf courses are experiencing a decline. There are almost 200 golf courses that are under construction, but still, this number is low compared to the development of new projects in the recent years.

Which State is Golf Most Popular?

While golf is popular all over the country, there is perhaps no other place that is going to top the reputation of Florida. The warm year-round weather is perhaps the main reason why this is a favorite amongst golfers.

To add, there is also no state tax, which makes it an attractive place for golfers to settle down, or at least find a vacation and retirement home. There is also no wonder that many national and international competitions are hosted in Florida. It is home to 1,042 golf courses, which is more than what you can find in any other state.

Best Golf Courses in the US


Aside from knowing how many golf courses in the US, in this post, we will also take a quick look at some of the best golf courses that you can find in the country. The list is going to be subjective. Depending on who you ask, the answers will most likely be different. For ease of reference, we are going to present the results based on the findings by Golf Digest.

On the top of the list is Augusta National Golf Club, which is in Georgia. It is home to the Masters Tournament, an annual event held since 1934, although it briefly stopped during World War II.

Next on the list is the Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey. It has been around since 1913, making it a historic venue as well. It is situated in an area with an expansive size of 623 acres, although it should be noted that majority of it is still virgin woodland to date.

Third on the list is the multi-awarded Cypress Point Club, which can be found in Pebble Beach California. For many years, this has also been a staple in the list of the best golfing venues in the country. This is a private course with 6,536 yards and par 72.


By now, we hope that you already know how many golf courses in the US are present. Just to sum it up, as it has been noted above, there are 15,372 golf courses in the country. Most these can be found in Florida, which is a favorite destination amongst golfers because of its sunny weather all throughout the year.

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