How to Clean a Golf Hat by Hand in 7 Easy Steps

Washing your golf hat is quite so easy. A golf hat can accumulate a lot of filth, dirt, and grime and it could also smell so bad from sweat during a round of golf on the greens. Learning how to clean a golf hat will make a lot of difference when you play again in the greens.

There are so many kinds of golf hats used by golfers all over the world. There are for sunscreen protection, fleece lined one, lightweight ones, foam fronters, and standard ones. All these hats, whatever they are made of, could easily become dirty especially during summer outings.


Washing your dirty golf hat in the sink just makes more sense than running the hat into the machine. By washing it with your hand, you can spot-clean it easily, protects the hat’s original shape and color, and rendering it wearable again. We will teach you here how to clean a golf hat by hand in 7 easy steps, get that stinking hat ready!

What you will need

  • Dirty golf hat
  • Dish-washing liquid/ detergent without bleach
  • Shoe brush/ toothbrush
  • Small plastic tub
  • Cold or tap water

Here’s what you will do

1. Determine the material of the hat

Before you start washing your golf hat, know what it is made of and check whether it could lose its shape or color when you do the washing. The sure way is to check its tag. If you can’t find any tag, use your best instinct. The best thing to being always safe is to get a color-friendly dishwashing liquid or liquid detergent and be gentle on the hat.

2. Using cold water, fill a small tub

Get your small tub and fill it with cold water. Most golf hats can discolor when you use warm or hot water. Better to use cold or tap water. Chlorine in tap water will only have minimal effect on your hat’s discoloration. If you want to wash more than one golf hat, get a larger container.

3. Mix with small amount of dishwashing liquid

If you are wondering if your hat could discolor, pour a small amount of dishwashing liquid or detergent soap without bleach. Dissolve it completely. Depending on what filth you are trying to remove, use a mild bristle toothbrush in cleaning the hat.

​If the hat has mild grime, use the softer shoe brush. Do not soak the whole hat into the tub while you test if the hat has discoloration by brushing first one part of the hat.

4. Check the hat for discoloration

After a moment of brushing, check the hat if it has discoloration. If it does discolor a little, it is normal for any fabric. If you notice no bleeding colors or major discoloration, you can add a small amount of the detergent and continue brushing.

5. Immerse the entire hat

It is now time to brush the entire hat. Soak the hat whole into the tub. If stubborn dirt adheres to the interior of the hat, you may need a few hours keeping it soak. If only a small amount of grime is present, soak the hat in the small tub for about 30 minutes to loosen the grime or filth.

​After enough soaking time, you may want to brush the hat, this time using only the soft bristled shoe brush. Do so until all filth and dirt is totally gone.

6. Rinse the golf hat

Then remove the golf hat from the tub. Rinse it well using running water from the tap. Keep using the cold tap water to avoid shrinkage and discoloration. Continue rinsing with some rubbing of both hands until there is no sticky sign of detergent.

7. Dry the hat

After the washing is done, let the hat hang in a location where the air is in good circulation. Don’t place your hat in direct sunlight because the color may fade. Let it dry overnight or within 24 hours before using it.

Pro tips

  • Do you want a golf hat that never fades in color and does not smell easily? Get the Nike Men's 518015-010 Tech Swoosh Cap. Or for more stylish looks, try the Puma Golf- Greenskeeper Adjustable Cap, both are available from Amazon.
  • If your dishwashing liquid or detergent is so tough on color, get something that is mild and gentle for any fabric. The best in this job is the Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Original Scent. This dish-washing liquid can eradicate the oil and grime that comes from the head. Available from Amazon.

How to Clean Any Hat


Did you enjoy this tutorial? Experts agreed that washing your golf hat in the washing machine degrade its quality, distort its shape, and discolor its fabric. That is why it is more practical to do it by hand, just what we have taught you on how to clean a golf hat by hand. And you can do it in just 7 easy steps.

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