How to Clean Your Golf Balls in Less Than 15 Minutes

Your golf balls get really dirty just after one round of golf - and it can be annoying as hell because dirty balls loose aerodynamics and speed. Therefore, if you want your balls to fly faster, truer and farther, than you should learn how to clean golf balls. There are several ways to do that, but we introduce you to the three easiest ones.


Quick cleaning

The quickest way to clean your golf balls is to put as many balls as you can in the golf ball cleaner. You can find those at your local golf course. That should remove the initial layer of dirt, sand and grass in less than 15 minutes.

Quick cleaning serves to clean your golf balls before all the dirt dries and it becomes almost impossible to clean it at home. However, don’t stop there - your golf balls should use some extra cleaning, as well. This means you should do another round of easy cleaning or perfect cleaning, both of which are explained below.

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning is performed at home using your dishwasher or washing machine. Don’t worry - it wouldn’t damage the machinery. For this type of cleaning, you will need dishwashing liquid, warm water and a towel.

​Take all your dirty and stained balls and put them on the topmost rack of the dishwasher.

​Don’t forget to use warm water because it’s more efficient than cold water. Start your dishwasher and once you are done, take the golf balls out and wipe them with a clean towel to remove any additional leftover residue.

  • Tip: If your golf balls get damaged after cleaning in the dishwasher, then they’re probably of extremely low quality. Make sure you inspect each ball after you finish with cleaning. Toss any damaged ball away.

Another way for easy cleaning is using the washing machine. The process it pretty much the same, except you will be using detergent and not dishwashing liquid. Put your balls into the washing machine and after they’ve finished cleaning, take them out and wipe them with the towel.

  • Tip: Washing your golf balls in the washing machine can be pretty noisy, because they are light, thus leaving too much space in the machine tub. However, it won’t damage the washing machine or golf balls. Make sure you inspect the golf balls after cleaning in the washing machine for some damages on the covering though.

Perfect cleaning

If you’re really into neat and shiny golf balls, then you should follow these steps to get that extra whiteness of your golf balls. Most of these steps are performed at home, so you will need some of your home appliances and everyday cleaning agents to do the perfect cleaning. However, it maybe is not the quickest cleaning you’ll get - it can take an hour before you end up with white and shiny golf balls.

​For the first step, you will need a bucket of hot or warm water. It’s even better to do this in your backyard, but the bathroom or kitchen is also fine. By using the bucket, you can clean several golf balls at once, so it’s very practical. After you fill the bucket halfway, add some cleaning agent. Since you’re at home, you can choose between these; dishwashing liquid, vinegar or bleach. You can also choose ammonia (but be careful when handling!) or just go with soap.

When you choose your cleaning solvent, the procedure goes slightly different, depending on the cleaning solvent.

  • If you choose dishwashing liquid, put half a cup to a cupfull in a bucket of warm water
  • If you choose vinegar, add half a cup to the bucket of warm water
  • If you choose bleach, add half a cup to the bucket of warm water
  • If you choose soap, add it to the bucket of warm water

After you mix the cleaning solvent with water, put your dirty golf balls into the bucket. Soak for at least 30 minutes for vinegar and bleach and 5 minutes for soap or dishwashing liquid. You can also use big stick and stir them.

Take out golf balls one by one. If they are still dirty, lightly scrub the remaining grit with the brush. On the others, use a sponge or a microfiber wipe. As for the brush, try to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging the golf ball covering.

​When you’re done with brushing, put your balls in the bucket of clean warm water or use your hose (if you’re in the backyard) to wash the remaining dirt off. After that, use a towel to dry them and be sure to inspect coverings for damages.

How to Clean Dirty Golf Balls?

Tip: Don’t worry about using bleach or vinegar when washing your balls. It shouldn’t damage them but if you’re not sure, you can always go with the cheapest and easiest way - soapy hot water and sponge.

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