How to Fix a Golf Slice: Guide and Tips for Beginners

Golf is a game of skill that will require technical expertise. It is not enough that you have the most advanced gear, such as a premium set of clubs. While the latter can indeed be helpful, your performance will be affected by more than such. With this, you should be aware of how to demonstrate basic techniques and correct common problems. Among others, one thing that you should learn is How to fix a golf slice.


What is a golf slice? This is perhaps one common question amongst beginners. Simply put, a slice refers to a shot that leads the ball into dramatically curving in flight from the left to the right instead of flying straight. There are instances where it can be done instantly, but in most cases, especially amongst novices in the sport, this results from a wrong hit. If you play with your right hand, a sliced shot will curve to the left. If you play with the left hand, meanwhile, it will curve on the right.

If you often experience golf slice, you have a good reason to keep on reading. Learn from some of the tips that will be shared below, which can make you a better player in no time.

1. Use the Right Clubs



This is one of the most basic tips when it comes to correcting a slice, yet it is frequently ignored by many people. It is common to experience a slice if you are using a driver that is designed with minimal loft. It is better to invest in one that comes with an adjustable loft so that you can customize it based on your needs and preferences.

2. Correct your Grip

One of the most common culprits for a sliced shot is your grip. You are most probably doing it wrong. Experts recommend that grip it first with your left hand, provided that you play on your right hand. You must grip the club with a square position. Some people might swing with their thumb pointed downwards. This is not recommended because this will inevitably make your shot weak. While you need to demonstrate power, it is important to note that your grip must never be too tight.

3. Be Mindful of your Right Posture

This is important not only when it comes to how to fix a slice, but also for improving your overall performance in golf. As you will observe, many of the big slicers are those who have rounded back upon the address. With such position, the swing will be steep, and hence, this can make the ball curve.

If you are standing too tall, on the other hands, you will be likely swinging at a flat plane. As you stand and get ready for the shot, make sure to keep your back straight and your hips bent. Your arms, meanwhile, must hang on the sides as naturally as possible. Your knee should be slightly flexed with enough power.

4. Fix Your Backswing

Your backswing is another thing that you can blame if in case you are frequently experiencing a big slice. You should pay attention to the different ways to improve your backswing. One of the most common is through improving your stance.

You should also keep your left arm in a straight position as the club is taken back. When it comes to the follow-through, on the other hand, your left arm should no longer be straight. You must swing it gradually as you transition from the backswing to your follow through.

5. Correct the Ball Position

This is another simple solution that can prove to be highly effective. If you often end up with a big slice, one of the possible reasons is that you often position the ball too forward. While this gives more room to be reached by your swing, the problem is that you will end up being forced to cut through the ball, and eventually, this will cause slicing. With this, you should know exactly where the ball should be placed, making sure that it is not too close or too far from your standing position.


Learning how to fix a golf slice is essential for anyone who is just starting to master the fundamentals of the sport. This is necessary to make sure that the ball will be headed straight to its intended direction and will never curve to the left or right. I hope that the things mentioned above were able to help you in one way or another. Practice makes perfect. If you keep on slicing a shot, just keep on practicing, and sooner, you will be a better player.

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