Tutorial On How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight

Do you want to learn how to hit a golf ball straight every time? You are in the right place to learn the trick. Hitting a golf ball straight is the most difficult shot that every golfer suffers.

In fact, many of the experienced golfers also face the problem and become frustrated. Therefore, you should learn how to hit a golf ball straight every time. Otherwise, you will also become frustrated at the time of playing on the ground.


This is a hard task to learn for any beginner. Moreover, adequate guidelines are not enough for this type of lessons. You need to follow steps properly and accurately so that you can understand the process deeply.

Today we will show you the exact way to develop your skill for hitting the golf ball straight. You will get step by step process to hit a ball straight to get the success. So, at the end of our tutorial, you will be expert to hit the golf ball properly!

Things you need to follow our tutorial

Our tutorial to hit a golf ball straight every time is not a joke. You must give your effort to have the result. Remember every successful golfer spends hours to become an expert.

There are certain things that you must need to follow our tutorial.

  • A perfect golf club
  • A ball tee with length marker
  • Several golf balls
  • Time & patience

If you are a golfer, you must have the first three things. But, we would love to emphasize time and patience for our tutorial.

Time & Patience

Golf is not a science that follows a perfect formula. In fact, this is a game that needs practice and practice. If you do not give effort and time in the practice session, you can’t even hit the ball properly.

While following our steps, you might fail several times because of not following it properly. Therefore, it will consume your time and effort. But, you can hit it properly once you have practiced a lot.

So, you should keep your patience and hit it properly. Reviews each steps showing our instruction and find out that you miss out. That will make your practice more effective to hit the ball properly.

How to hit golf ball straight: Step-by-step Instruction

If you want to learn to hit the golf ball straight, then, you must follow our instruction. Without having proper knowledge, tips, and instruction, you can’t hit it properly.

Follow our step-by-step process so that you can also hit the ball straight without failing.

Step-1: Tee the Ball halfway

First of all, you will need to ground tee with some depth. Make sure that you have use half length deep of the tee. Otherwise, this will change the direction of the ball too!

Most of the golf tees come with length marking. So, you can easily understand the length depth of it. When you have grounded the tee, put the ball on the tee.

Step-2: Stand In Right Place

Your standing position must be accurate for having more control and less swing. Most of the golfers do not care about the standing position and place. As a result, they do not have the control over the hit and fail.

You should put the ball few inches behind your left toe. This will help you to have a better straight shot.

If you keep lower distance, then, you can’t gain more power to hit the ball. Also, you can’t match with the accuracy level if you put it ahead of your legs.

Step-3: Narrow Stance

Narrow stance is important for having perfect swing and motion for hitting the golf ball. You do not need an exact measurement for the stand. Wider the legs than shoulder width are enough for your perfect shot.

If you take a perfect stance, you can have a great control over your shot. But, you should not take narrower stance because this can alter the swing too!

Step-4: Grip Lower

Gripping position on the club is another important fact for a straight hit. You need to grip lower than other shots for a better straight shot.

Gripping lower position will give you good accuracy for hitting the ball. In addition, you need to keep your wrist and hand straight. Otherwise, this will increase the swing movement.

Step-5: Pull the Club Up & back

Pulling the club up for pre-hitting time needs to be perfect. Your body movement, position and motion should be accurate for success.

You need to shift weight on your right foot slightly when backing the club. Don’t back the club with a full speed. Otherwise, this can occur back injury too! You need to go slowly and keep your back as straight as possible.

Step-6: Swing the Club

Swing the club is the last thing to hit the ball straight. If your previous steps are properly done, then, you can expect to have a good shot. But, there are also some facts to be remembered for swing the club.

You need to swing the club towards the ball. Try to strike the ball from its center position. Moreover, you need to strike it with face flat for having accuracy.

Use your strength depending on the area coverage. If you use more power, this can alter the swing too!

The 6 steps will teach you to hit the ball straight every time you hit it. Follow our instruction properly and have a successful game. If you are failing to hit it, you need to review what’s wrong. Fix the problem and start again!


The tutorial is a must to follow for any golf player. If you can’t hit a ball straight, you can’t become a good player. So, you need to follow our instructions properly. This tutorial will give you the best result when you are in a tough competition.

What are you waiting for? Just take your club and start practicing. Do you have more questions about golf? Then, you are most welcome to leave your question in the comment box, we will response soon!

If you think the tutorial is useful for the golf player, don’t forget to share with your other golf mates!

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