How to Hit Golf Irons without Professional Help?

The only thing that stands between good and bad scores is a golf iron. As a golfer, you know that irons are considered to be one of the most important golf clubs. You can use them for striking long shots from the rough or hitting approach shots around and near the green. So knowing how to hit golf irons can help you score a better round.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a 4-iron or 9-iron at a distance of 200 or 100 yards, you should be able to understand the correct technique for striking iron shots. What this can do is help you achieve your goals on the golf course. And every golfer wants to do that, right?

So what are we waiting for, let’s learn how to hit a golf iron!


What you should know before reading on

Many of us have a knack for landing our iron shots at least 30 meters before the target, isn’t that right? And if not that, then we tend to hit deep into the turf before the golf ball only to watch it reach the green halfway. Sometimes it even lands out and over the green while trying to hit a knifed or thinned shot.

​If you can relate to any one of the conditions stated above, then you desperately need to learn how to hit golf irons. Many golfers struggle with producing pure, consistent contact with golf clubs, especially irons. This is because we often try to scoop or lift the ball to make it fly across.

​What such an incorrect technique does is encourage the right hand to dominate the downswing. This leads to the hand reaching your left hand a tad too quickly, which is the primary cause of the lifting or scooping movement. So you end up losing distance and accuracy.

​At such times, what you need to keep in mind is that the golf iron head has to be struck in a descending direction. Such a motion promotes trajectory and power. Hitting the turf before the golf ball in any different way leads to creating inconsistent contact.

​So it’s important to strike the ball before you hit the ground if you want to produce penetrating shots on the golf course.

How to hit golf irons?

1. Practice is essential

Creating a comfortable iron swing is something that you can only do if you practice consistently. Use every iron that you own to strike as many golf balls as you can. This is what practice ranges are there for, right?

​While doing so, make not of your different yardages. This encourages you to understand the way a golf iron functions. So experimenting with the grip, making adjustments to the clubface, and knowing how the golf ball responds to the swing become easier.

2. Create a proper divot

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If you want to learn how to hit golf irons, then you need to know the proper divot technique. Hitting the golf ball first is crucial before you hit the ground. Don’t expect to achieve desired results if you end up striking the ground first.

​When using in iron to hit the golf ball, keep in mind that the divot should arise from the ball’s front region along the target side. Creating the divot from anywhere else, especially behind the golf ball, results in mis-hits.

​A proper divot technique ensures that you strike the golf ball before getting under it. This helps in lifting the ball from the turf.

3. Promote full extension

To complete the backswing, the iron’s clubface needs to reach above the head during the downswing as well as take-through motion. Ideally, the golf iron should finish over the shoulder. And this helps in achieving full extension.

​When practicing this at the range, remember to keep your backswing lower than the waist. Also, keep in mind that a half or incomplete swing will not allow you to scoop and lift a shot effectively. Only a full extension will provide you with that power.

4. Shape the golf irons

You should be able to move your shots however you want, right? This means being able to produce a draw or fade, also known as shaping the iron. And this you can attain by closing and open the clubface.

​A smooth and relaxed swing tempo also helps in achieving desired results. With consistent practice, moving the golf ball to your desired location is something that you will not struggle with.

5. Proper grip

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Gripping golf clubs is as important as any other movement in the game of golf. When hitting golf irons, it’s crucial to grip them with both your hands in unison. Make sure that the arms create a V shape to the shoulders. The hold needs to be secure but not very tight.

​An excellent grip helps in keeping the golf ball and clubface in line. And it goes a long way in guiding the club through the golf ball towards the pin.

6. Correct posture

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Maintaining a consistent posture is important when hitting iron shots. Keeps your back straight while also slightly tilting the shoulders. You might have to bend your back a little bit so you can allow the golf iron to come in contact with the ball. And lastly, a stance will go a long way in keeping you relatively upright.

7. Create body space

Every golfer knows that space between the arms and body is what produces a powerful swing. And when playing with any golf iron, this space needs to be consistent. It shouldn’t be more than the width of your hand. Being too close or too far might result in mis-hits, which will give you higher scores.


If you’re constantly struggling with creating solid contact with your irons shots, you can read through the instructions discussed above once again. The chances are that you’re failing to maintain the angle along with coming out of the shots a tad too early.

​So if you want to learn how to hit golf irons, then it’s best to practice as much as you can to avoid such mistakes. The process may seem confusing at first, but that’s what practice ranges are there for, right? Keep at it until you notice significant improvements in your golf scores.

​We hope that the instructions were straightforward and elaborate enough for you to grasp completely. If there’s anything that you think we might have missed out, then please let us know. You can leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Now let’s make those golf iron shots count!

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