How To Put A Backspin On A Golf Ball During The Game?

Golf is one of the most Royal and Prestigious sport played all around the world. It is a club and ball sport in which the players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes, in as few strokes as possible. A specially designed Ball, typically made of dimpled white latex, not weighing more than 1.620 oz (45.93 grams) is used to play this game.

Well, there are a plenty of wonderful strokes in golf. And today, in our blog we will discuss the magical shot - the Backspin. Have you ever imagined your golf ball landing around 24 feet behind the pin? And have you thought how magically it pulls back close to the Golf cup? This magic is created by the spin, which carries the ball back in the direction of the hole after hitting the ground.


Yes! It is exciting to see the ball come back to the hole, but it takes a lot of effort to play this shot. During your game, if your score card is not in your favor and you are not in a mood to lose the game then go Backspin. Here, I am mentioning the steps that how you can put a Backspin on Your Golf ball.

Step 1: Choose Your Golf Ball

The basic key factor for playing Backspin shot is Selection of an appropriate golf ball. By covering golf balls are classified into two categories:

  • Soft-core ball: Soft-core balls are designed to spin more, rather than covering maximum distance. These balls allow for more control and great Backspin. Its soft surface provides a better grip on the club. So Selection of a soft covered ball makes your back spin convenient.
  • Hard-core ball: These balls are designed to cover the maximum distance rather than the spin. Due to a hard covering of the ball, the club cannot transmit much spin to the ball.

Step 2: Examine the Ground

Another basic thing for a perfect Backspin shot is a “LIE.” Well, groomed grass or bunkers are a superb lie for this shot.

During your play, on the Golf course, it will not be difficult for you to find the perfect groomed grass. Neat and clean contact of the club head to the ball is essential for this shot. Long grass, Wet grass creates an obstruction and hinders the spin of the Golf ball.

Step 3: Choice of the Right Club

This is another essential factor to create a perfect Backspin shot. Lofted clubs are used to produce a high arc and a great spin. You can provide more spin and high arc to your shot by using a more lofted club.

You should prefer lofted clubs like iron, wedges, or lob wedges to transmit a better spin to the ball. You must use a scratch proof, clean-surfaced club. If any grass, dirt or other junk is visible on the club head, during the immediately, wipe it up with a rag dipped in warm water.

Step 4: Positioning and Placing the Club

After going through all the above steps, now the time has come to get set to play this shot. Now place your club behind the Golf ball. The club head should come in contact with the ball at a downward angle to create a maximum spin. Position yourself, and place ball in the middle of your stance.

Be sure of a neat and clean connection of the club head and the Golf ball. Place your feet together to straighten your body and the angle of your swing. Don’t forget to put your 50-70 percent weight on your left foot.

Step 5: Aiming

Normal Golf shots are played by striking the clubs to the ball in a head-on neutral style. The same style plays backspin shots, but you will have to concentrate on the point of contact, towards the back of the Golf ball, on the side oriented at your back foot. Striking the Golf ball at this angle will put the Golf ball in spinning motion and lead the ball towards the hole.

Step 6: Swinging the Club

For a perfect Backspin shot, your arms should not roll over and keep your wrists firm. You should go through a limited wrist action. Now raise your club into a high and straight position before bringing down to swing. Open club face slides under the ball for more swing.

The club should come in contact with the ball before it strikes the ground. When you go through this shot, it is obvious that your club will form a divot in the ground soil. This divot should light and short. A deep divot indicates that the angle of the club head was too sharp at the time of approach to the Golf ball.

Moreover, when your club comes in the contact of ground, this can cause your wrist to move out of alignment. This disorder of Alignment is called BREAKING. You must maintain your wrist angle for consistent Backspin.

Go through the video below to ensure you have practically understood the steps that are stated above:

Hitting the Golf ball lower on its back face will create a greater force in Backspin. The balls hit on the lower of the back face will have a greater spin than those that are hit high (Vertical Gear Effect).

Things to Remember when Making a Back Spin

  • The direction of wind: Even professional Golfers avoid attempting Backspin shots when the direction of the wind is against them. Hitting in the wind will cause the ball to go higher. The spin of the ball also depends on the height of the shot. To spin the ball more in air, hit it high.
  • Take Long Shots: Short backspin shots can be very difficult. For a perfect spin of the ball, you must avoid short Backspin shots because these require a lot of power to avail a good height.

Below demonstrated is a video with various and important backspin tips that you can master. Have a look:


Before taking your Golf Club in hand, go through these simple steps to make your Backspin shot turns the best. Always remember there’s a hairline difference between a shot with slight error and an error-free shot; therefore, a magical shot is achievable if you put in efforts to perfecting such backspin shots. Happy Golfing!

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