The right timing, the perfect grip, and a good posture

Giving your club head the maximum momentum will surely enhance your chances of making the farthest distance for your ball. So, can you make it? Do you know how to increase your clubhead speed? If not, keep on reading!

​There are simple ways to do this. It is just a matter of learning the basics of this skill to make you stands out from the rest. The unorthodox swinging of your clubhead will certainly do you no good. There is basically a big difference between “swinging fast” and “swinging hard”.


​Most pro-golfers started out their careers as amateurs. Basically, as any other human beings, we are born still can’t stand on our own. You are sure to learn these basics within a short period of time.

​Here are some useful ideas pro-golfers have kept secrets for a long time. But their actions and performance could be clearly seen during their play. Tournaments could make you a real pro, but you must learn first some important tips to put you further down the road, or more aptly, further down the tee!

​You can certainly swing it easy and hit hard! Check out these 3 easy steps on how to increase your club head speed.

Finding the Right Timing

Some golfers called this exercise a “whoosh drill”. And why is that? You may ask. Take a peek here and know where you shall stand:

  • Take any club (an iron or a driver, doesn’t matter anything you pick).
  • Hold it upside down, and put your hands near the hustle of the club.
  • Make a more relax position as if starting to hit a golf ball. Hold the club in a more convenient grip.

  • Start swinging the club back and forth without hitting anything (you will hear the club’s whooshing sound).
  • What are the indications that you are getting the whooshing sound? One is the speed while you are swinging. Second, the louder the whooshing, the faster you deliver the club through impact.
  • Set your timing: Learn the perfect timing, this should not be at a wide angle before you hit the ball. The right timing (or the loudest whoosh, where you now know is the fastest swing) should be happening at the bottom of the swing where the ball is.

Improve weak golf grip


Fixing your golf grip is as important as solving your problem regarding some issues. This could address hooks, slices, impact deficiency, and surely club speed. With the right timing, handling your club while you swing is just one of the ways in hitting the ball with speed.

​Here are some tips on how to improve your golf grip, this does not require a greater deal. Just pure practice and dedication. Here they are:

  • Relax your grip on the club.
  • If you are right-handed, hold first the grip with your left hand with thumb’s up. Then, cover it with your right hand, also thumb’s up.
  • Wiggle the club while holding it upright. If you feel the clubhead moving, you are doing a great job with your grip.
  • Get yourself in, say, your garage, and set up for a practice swinging.
  • Just like in a real-life setting on the greens, act like you are in a range in 75-degree position.
  • Keep on swinging till the repetition of motion gets you going.
  • The position of your hands to the grip will allow you to let the club move faster.
  • Don’t let your hands slip through the grip when you are making a swing.
  • Let your hands firmly holding the grip, but make them more flexible.

Improve Your Physique

This has something to do with your stamina and muscles. You might be tired and exhausted after a few swinging and walking in the golf course. And there is nothing left of your energy to swing more accurately. Flex those muscles while you’re out of the greens to make you fitter than ever.

​A low workout will make a big impact on your stamina on the greens. Here are some suggestions to power up your torso and muscles, and give yourself a big deal of powerful swinging:

  • A band wood chop is a great exercise to power up those arms. A good one is the Hengfey Resistant Build Body Rehabilitative Exercise Band.
  • Use elastic workout bands (like the Kinzi Resistance Band Set). This will tone down your muscle and make it more flexible. You can have a great twisting motion when you hit the ball.
  • You could also try a weighted golf trainer to build up strength, such as the Pro Golf Swing Training System from Swing PRO. This type of trainer will help to develop muscles, specifically the ones used in golf and enhance the twisting motion. This will lead to better swing speed.
  • For a more relaxing mood, give yourself a stroll in the park. A 30-minute walk every day in normal pace will allow you to improve your balance and coordination. Walking will also relax your muscles.

Learn some pro-tips from the experts

  • Now, you can have the ability to increase your clubhead speed if you are able to follow what we have told you above. You can now pick the right clubhead for your capacity. Choose also the right one which you are more comfortable with.
  • Practice more with your chosen golf club occasionally to make you more used to it. Some of the finely made clubheads are available in, like the NEW Mizuno MP-H5 1 Iron (from Mizuno) and TaylorMade Mens Sldr S Hybrid/ Rescue (from TaylorMade).
  • Focus more on practicing alternately with a real golf club and the weighted golf trainer. This will allow you the feel of the head as it is released through impact. This way, you can also point out the right timing where a clubhead can have the ultimate impact.
  • Do some body language when you are swinging. As you are nearing impact, better be sure that you are moving your hips firmly to the left. With your soft wrists and in combination with this technique (turning hips to the left) will allow your left arm to guide the clubhead into the golf ball.

This is an essential power move. When you do it properly, the clubhead will surely whip through the golf ball at maximum speed.


Now you know that you have the capability on to how to increase the clubhead speed. You have learned that there are 3 potential areas where you could speed up the clubhead. With the aid of a proper golf club, you will certainly beat the odds and make your ball travel the greens faster and farther.

Additionally, a better posture and stamina will certainly bring you to a more enjoyable and successful moment at the greens.

​Please let us know your comments about this useful information we imparted to you. By the way, if you have worked through different strategies in finding the right way to speed up your clubhead, kindly send them to us also, so that others may know.





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