5 Ways Playing Golf Will Improve Your Health

Health experts from around the world are consistent in their claims that playing golf is good for anybody’s health. Many features of the game make playing a round an excellent way to help your heart pump stronger. Whether as a casual pastime or competitive activity, golf also helps you lose weight and improve endurance. Below are five reasons why heading out to the course will make you healthier.

Before looking at the benefits, it is important to understand what the game is all about. Golf is played on a large outdoor course that covers anywhere between 30 to 200 acres. The main objective of the game is to drive a small ball in to holes in as few strokes as possible. Players use different iron or wood-tipped sticks - golf clubs - carried by a best golf push cart for easier transportation around the course.


1. Weight Loss

Whether you are looking into getting a little leaner or shedding some serious extra weight, heading out for a couple of rounds will help you achieve your goal. Even though a few golf club swings will not do much to help you slim, all the walking up and down the course will. Health professionals insist that taking 10,000 steps daily is important, and research indicates that the average 18-hole course easily surpasses that recommendation.

In addition, golf does quite well when it comes to shedding calories. Consider this; carrying your own golf clubs will help you burn about 721 calories, while using a golf push cart burns 718 calories. Plus, every time you walk, you are getting closer to a slimmer stomach.

2. Reduced Stress

Getting some exercise is the best way to manage stress levels. Physical activity will help your brain release endorphins - nature’s feel-good chemicals. Some people may think that this involves taking a trip to the gym, but golf can produce the same results.

Head to the driving range, even if for a short time, and you are likely to feel better especially if you can get a few friends together for a round. In fact, socializing and spending time outdoors is considered as one of the best ways to de-stress. So, when work is beginning to get on your nerves, it is time to arrange for some tee time.

3. Stronger Bones

Bone health is not an issue that should worry only the older people. Research indicates that starting weight-bearing exercise and taking in adequate calcium from a young age is important for ensuring healthy bones and joints for the future.

Intensive sport activities are good for your bones, but they are also likely to be harder on the joints over time. Add weights to your regimen to keep your knees healthy. Alternatively, carry your own clubs at the course to turn your game in to a weight-bearing exercise, which is great for your muscles and bones.

4. Increased Longevity

Golf may be the key to longevity. In fact, research indicates that golfers present a 40 percent lower death rate compared to other people. Even though the research does not take into account lifestyle factors, this is a promising feature of golf for anyone who enjoys swinging golf clubs. If you’re looking fo best golf clubs for beginners, click here.

5. Increased Heart Health

Thanks to all the walking you will be doing around the range, golf is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. Even those who do not like the idea of a daily run will love walking the course as they enjoy the game in a relaxed environment that gets their hearts pumping.

Any type of exercise will add years to your life. However, high-intensity activities like rowing and cycling are not as effective at lengthening life expectancy like calm, relaxed golf. But, you should remember that golf is also the background for cigar smoking and beer, so check your expectations.

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