What Golf Ball Should I Use? Know Before You Play!

Do you think every golf ball is same? Then, your assumption is not right because there are some differences among the balls. Different manufacturers use different styles for manufacturing the ball. Some golf balls provide extra responsiveness and some provide extra spin. So, you might ask, what golf ball should I use?

We are here to give the appropriate answer to your question. We will give you the detail information and classification of the golf balls and the right time to use it in our article!


The Construction of the Golf Ball

One Piece Golf Balls

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One piece golf balls are cheap and perfect for beginners. They are durable, soft and provide good service because of lower compression. However, they are not used for playing the golf. Beginners can use the ball for practicing in the earlier stage.

Two Piece Golf Balls

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Most of the golfers love the two piece golf balls because it is durable and can hit more distance in the game. The ball is covered by a cut-proof Surlyn or any other material. The structure of the ball makes it hard but it can’t be controlled easily.

Three Piece Golf Balls

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This type of ball has a solid rubber core with a liquid produce layer and a durable Surlyn cover. Some manufacturers also use balata or Urethane as a cover of the ball.

The balls tend to be softer than it supposed to be. Moreover, they provide more spin to the golfers. Therefore, this is a ball with more control for the regular golfers. This is the first ball type that comes with a spin separation advantage for the golfers.

Four Piece Golf Balls

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This is exclusive golf ball for the professional golfers. Each of the layers offers different purpose and advantage to the golfers. Overall, this is a perfect ball for hitting long distance.

The first layer is made of solid rubber and the second layer is used for transferring the energy of the strike by the club. The next cover is the largest layer in the ball that helps to cover the distance. The inner layer is the thinnest and softest layer that is made of Urethane.

Compression Rate of the Golf Ball

Compression rate is an important fact to consider understanding the ball coverage distance. If you want to drive distance of more than 240, you should select a higher compression rated golf ball. For such cases, more than 100 compression rating is good.

On the other hand, you can also reduce swing speed of the ball if you want. In this case, you need to choose lower compression ratings balls.

Top 3 Golf Balls For Your Game Time

There are thousands of balls available for golf play. Therefore, you need to choose the best ball for your game time. You might not understand what golf ball you should use! Therefore, we have picked the top 3 balls with special characteristics for play time.

Polara Ultimate Straight Self Correcting 2 Piece Golf Balls

Do you want to play golf as a part of your recreation? Then, this is a perfect golf ball for you! However, this is illegal for any tournament play.

The manufacturer uses self-correcting technology for the ball. This is easy to point the arrow at your target. It has 386 dimples in its design. The box comes with 12 golf balls.

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

This is a 3-piece tour performance golf ball for the golfers. The golf ball is available in different colors and features 37 worldwide patents too! This is a soft ball with extra distance coverage quality.

The ball is perfect for medium swing speed because of low compression rate. It comes with a compression rating of 80 and cover hardness rate of 64. According to the manufacturer, you will get 60-95 MPH swing speed from the balls.

Wilson Ultra 500 Straight Golf Ball

This is an advanced golf ball that is made with titanium core and cut-resistant cover. It comes with a great distance coverage capability. The technology helps to reduce the spin of the ball once you strike it.

The two-piece golf pack comes with 15 balls. Each of the balls is easy to strike straighter than other golf balls. Moreover, the materials help to increase the velocity of the ball.


Now you can decide which type of golf ball you want to use! You need to consider those facts before you select a ball to play golf. However, you can use Volvik Crystal Golf Balls for your game time for better performance.

Feel free to leave your question and thought through the comment box. We will surely a response to your question soon. So, go through our recommended golf balls again and get the best golf ball for your game time!





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