What Golf Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use: A Look Inside His Bag

Tiger Woods, without a doubt, is one of the greatest, if not the best, golfers of all time. He has been an inspiration for many people and he has shown unsurpassed performance. Through the years, his feats remain hard to rival, and we highly doubt that we will ever encounter someone who is as impressive as Woods.

Do you want to be like him? Well, skill-wise, you might have a long way to go. However, a good way to start is to look at the equipment he is using, especially his golf clubs. With this, if you are wondering what golf clubs does Tiger Woods use, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll let you know.


New Year, New Golf Clubs

Early this year, Tiger Woods made headlines with his appearance at the Farmers Insurance Open. This was even more talked about because of one thing – he used a new set of golf clubs. It was on Twitter where he officially announced that he will be replacing his old set with TaylorMade golf clubs. In an article published by Golf Digest, it was revealed that his new endorsement contract necessitates the need to use irons, woods, wedges, and driver from TaylorMade. On the other hand, he will continue with the use of his putter from Scotty Cameron.

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The shift to TaylorMade should not be a surprise, at least for golf enthusiasts. In November, Woods appeared in Hero World Challenge and during such time, he was already seen using golf clubs from TaylorMade. During such time, however, he was still contemplating whether to stick with TaylorMade or experiment with other brands. Now that he is officially with TaylorMade, the company also announced that they plan to develop an iron that is especially designed for Woods. This will require extensive research to come up with specifications that are customized to the needs of Woods.

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With the current golf bag of Tiger Woods, you will see that he is using a TaylorMade M2 Driver. This is the first driver from the company that takes advantage of multiple materials, the combination of which result in an impressive performance. Among others, one of the highlights of this model is the use of 7-layer carbon composite crown. It is thin and lightweight, yet it is hard to rival when it comes to strength.

Another club that you can find in the bag of Tiger Woods is the TaylorMade M2 Tour 3 wood. As an addition, he also has M1 Tour 5 Wood. The latter comes with two sliding weights, which will allow you to have it customized based on the trajectory that is anticipated. Like the M2 Driver, it is also made using multiple materials that can guarantee its impressive performance while maintaining minimal weight. The M2 3 Wood, on the other hand, comes with a graphite shaft that can deliver better flexibility compared to steel. It also has Geocoustic Technology with a two-tiered sole that is anticipated to significantly increase its playability.

Prior to Being with TaylorMade

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Before Tiger Woods made his big announcement of using TaylorMade for his previous tournament, he is using an all-Nike golf club. His driver was Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Tour. On the other hand, his set of fairway woods includes Nike VRS Cover 3 and 5 woods. Meanwhile, he has Nike VR Pro Blades for his irons and Nike Method 001 for his putter. When it comes to its wedges, he used to have a Nike 56-degree VR Pro Sand Wedge and Nike 60-degree VR Pro lob wedge.

So, what happened with Nike? Why did Woods shift to TaylorMade? Did they have a sour relationship? Or is TaylorMade simply better than Nike? Well, unfortunately, Nike announced that they are already leaving the golf business. With this, Woods was left with no other option but to look for an alternative.


What golf clubs does Tiger Woods use? By now, we hope that you are already aware of the answer to this question. His golf clubs are by far not the cheapest that you can find in the market. After all, someone as great of a golfer as Woods surely deserves nothing but the best golf clubs.

At the end of the day, however, it is important to note that your performance in golf will not depend on the clubs used. This will depend on your skills. Mastery of techniques is important to be a great player, just like Tiger Woods. From swinging to stance, you need to keep on practicing. When complemented with the right gear, your skills will surely take you far!

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