What Length of Putter Should I Use? Determining The Best Length For Your Putter

Do you want to have an accurate putting stroke? Having the correct putter length will give you a very good chance of setting up with your eyes over the ball. Although finding the right length of the putter is a cumbersome task, it is key to producing quality strikes, building a crisp and consistent putting. A wrong length of your putter can cost you inconsistent results, cause a bad posture and it may affect how the hands and arms relate with the club during contact with the ball and follow through. How do you find the right length that you should use?


What length of putter should I use?

Before finding the best putter for your height, we should first understand what the term length of the putter’ means. What is a putter length? This is the extent from the foot of the putter just below the hosel to the top of the shaft. If you have played golf before, you most definitely understand the rule of the game that suggests that a putter shaft must be at least 18’’ long. However, most golfers can attest that there is no maximum limit - they have tested putters with different variety of length and each individual’s size varies.

What determines the length of a putter?

Well, this is determined by the golfer’s comfort level, size and putting stroke. The various sizes of putters in the market are:

  • Traditional putters - The length of this kind of putter is between 33’’ and 36’’
  • Belly putters – A putter is called a belly putter if its length is between 41’’ and 46’’
  • Long putters - These putters are of length between 48’’ and 52’’

Formula for selecting the best putter length

How can you select the best putter without falling for the wrong size? When looking for a perfect putter length, your main focus should be to find one that faultlessly fits your putting stroke and not to change your stroke in order to fit your putter. Here are some methods.

1. Method 1

For those who own a traditional putting stroke, the formula for selecting the right size of length is relatively simple.

  • Assume a putting position. Have your arms hang naturally toward the ground
  • While still in that position, have someone measure the distance from the top of the hand to the ground. This is the ideal length of the putting shaft.

2. Method 2

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To determine the appropriate length with any kind of a putter, follow the steps below.

Step 1

  • First you need a piece of tape, a putter and three/four balls.
  • Drop the ball
  • Approach the putt like you would do on a normal golfing day. Remember to keep your legs relaxed and not bent.
  • Bend your arms at the elbows naturally. Your waist should form a comfortable but slight bend toward the golf ball.
  • Grasp the putter normally and take a normal position over the ball

Step 2

  • Drop a second golf ball and let go of it from your nose. This second ball should strike the first ball that you were about to hit.
  • Repeat this severally for an accurate reading. From your nose, take note of where the balls land.

Step 3

This is the test to know how long or short your putter is.

  • If it is too long, the ball will fall between the ball on the earth and your feet.
  • If it is too short, the ball will fall outside the ball on the ground and your feet

Step 4

  • If the ball drops outside of the space between the addressed ball and your feet, choke down on the putter.
  • If the ball drops inside of the space between the addressed ball and your feet, choke up on the putter.

Step 5

Now, this is the time to determine the length of the putter.

  • After you have determined the optimal length of the putter, mark the top of your hands with the piece of the tape you have.
  • After repeated successful attempts to strike the subject ball with the other ball on the ground, you will determine the appropriate length of your putter.

The above steps will help you determine the length of putter that you should use.

3. Method 3

If you don’t find the above methods helpful, you can try measuring the length of your arm with an imaginary putter.

Step 1

  • Like you did in step 1 above, approach the putt like you normally do while golfing but without a putter in your hands this time round

Step 2

  • Without a putter in your hands, relax and get comfy over the ball on the ground

Step 3

  • You will need assistance with this step. Have someone place a putter in your hands naturally without bending.
  • To determine the appropriate length of your putter, take a piece of tape and place it on the putter at the top of your hands.


How successful you are in the field depends not only on the right length of the putter but also on your striking tips. In addition, you need to make sure that your putter head is parallel to the ground for an efficient strike. If you fail to find the right length of your putter, you can replace the putter with a longer shaft or have the putter cut down at a pro shop. In addition, you can get a custom made putter from an online or retail shop. The best way to find out if the putter is too long or short for you is by measuring the length above the hands. If there is more than 1’’ above the hands, then the putter is very long and should be changed or trimmed.

Is it easier to find your perfectly fitting putter length now? I hope I have answered the question,'what length putter should I use'?

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