What physical benefits can be derived from playing golf?

Golf is a well-known gentleman’s game and known as a sport of leisure. This has become one of the most popular games in the world. The game is played on a large outdoor course.

The main objective of the game is to propel a small white ball into a number of holes within few strokes. There are many physical benefits of playing golf. You will also get those health benefits if you start playing golf regularly.

Today, we will give you top 10 benefits that you can get from playing golf regularly.


1. Strengthens The Bladder

This is a bit surprising benefit of playing golf. If you play golf regularly, you can strengthen your bladder. The longer you hold it, the more you can increase your capacity.

The women can also improve leg muscles by playing golf regularly. In fact, this is very effective for quadriceps area more than anywhere else.

2. Burns Calories

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Golf can be a good way to burn your calories significantly. You need to cover from 30 to 200 acres by walking. If you carry own golf club, this will become more effective to burn your calories. Some also use a vehicle in the golf area. However, playing golf can burn more than 1000 calories for per game. This is equal to walking, running and swimming exercises.

3. Good for Your Heart

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Playing golf exercises your heart too. Along with burning calories, it can also increase your heart rate. So, this is a good way to improve your blood circulation system. Moreover, it involves the major workout that you should do for your heart.

4. Good for Your Brain

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No doubt that golf is also beneficial for your brain. As it helps to increase blood circulation, it improves the nerve connections. As a result, it can improve your brain and reduces the chances to being a mental patient.

As this is a type of self-competition with others, it can also improve your self-confident and self-esteem. So, you can play more in order to keep your brain good and strong.

5. Low-Risk Sport

As golf is a leisure sport, the risk of physical injury is very low. In fact, it does not need any major involvement of physical parts like other sports need. As a result, it will always give you a confident to play more.

6. Reduces Stress

The sport is highly significant to reduce your stress. This is an outdoor game where you connect with your friends and other players.

As a result, you interact with others, share feelings, and open up with them. In short, this will give you a reason to enjoy and forget about troubles. Moreover, the game needs full concentration. Therefore, you do not have time for thinking other aspects of your life. Otherwise, this will have a negative impact on your game. Thus, it helps to reduce your stress level.

7. Ensures Sound Sleep

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Golf can make you tired easily because you need to walk for a long area. Therefore, you will sleep better and quickly. Deep sleep will repair your tissues and muscles quickly than a normal sleep. So, this is an impressive way to enjoy sound sleep.

8. Lung Workout

Playing golf can also good for your lung. As you need to walk through 18 holes on a golf course, this will improve your heart rate speed. The slow walking through the course is also good for your lung. In fact, this is a good lung workout to improve the overall condition.

9. Improves Vision

Golf can improve your vision than any other game can. A golfer needs to zoom in on the small white ball and the small hole. Therefore, this will increase your concentration to the ball and the hole.

Depending on the nearby surroundings, your swing will change. As a result, this is important to give your full concentration and vision on the two items. As a result, it will surely improve your eye-sight along with coordination with hands.

10. Exposure to The Outdoors

This is not regarded as a physical benefit of playing golf by many golfers. However, golf is being played in a large outdoor field. Therefore, this will always give you the benefits of open fresh air and natural field.

In fact, the green areas will relax your body too. Studies have already proved that exposure to the outdoors has many physical benefits. So, you can play golf and have a good number of benefits for your health!


These are the top 10 physical benefits of playing golf. If you have interest in golf, you should also start playing it. It does not need too much physical involvement to play. So, this is a safe sport to play. Moreover, you will get so many health benefits too. In addition, it can make new friends to play with them and enjoy a social life.

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