What To Do With Old Golf Clubs – Is There Gold In Your Garage?

Golf, just like many other games, requires a lot of equipment. There are the tees and the balls, the many clubs, and of course the special bag to keep them. Then, there is proper clothes and shoes, not forgetting the wide assortment of accessories. While some of these trimmings are quite necessary, some are pretty superfluous, but when combined, they make up the vast world of all golf-related equipment.


​Over time, it has been a common practice among many golfers to upgrade their gaming equipment. When you purchase a putter, a new set of irons, or a new driver, you render your old equipment somewhat obsolete - you banish your old golf clubs to your garage or basement.

​However, those equipment aren’t truly golf clubs. Even though they have a head, shaft, and a grip, the minute they begin gathering dust, they become something different - a gift card for your next purchase.

But do you really need to leave your old golf clubs in your garage or basement gathering dust, or dump them in the garbage? Maybe yes, maybe no. We shall see. Below are tips on What To Do With Your Old Golf Clubs:

1. Give them to someone else

If you don’t have a child, grandchild, cousin or family member who is interested in golf, you can’t lack a friend or even a neighbor who has an interest in the sport.

​Instead of disposing the clubs off to the garbage or leaving them to gather dust in your garage, give them to these people. It will encourage them to try the sport. Besides, golf beginners don’t need the latest golf equipment; as long as your clubs are in good condition, a novice golfer will make use of it while deciding whether golf is the sport he/she wants to pursue.

2. Trade-in

The idea of trade-in might be far from a familiar thing to you, but it brings in cash value. You can trade-in your old golf clubs when you are buying new ones. Some of the best-known manufacturers of golf equipment have introduced trade-in programs so as to encourage golfers to upgrade their golfing equipment. Mind you, if you aren’t trading in your old golf clubs, then you are leaving some real cash on the table.

3. Offer them for charity

Quite many charity centers collect sports equipment to give to the needy families and orphanages. Instead of leaving your clubs littering your garage or disposing them off to trash, contact youth organizations, charities, and golf courses near you and inquire if you could give them these equipment. If you find they are interested – which am quite sure they are, make arrangements to deliver the golf clubs and ask them if they give tax receipts.

4. Classified sales

Your old golf clubs aren’t entirely valueless; they are worth some American dollars. Try and list them in one of the many classified sections of your town’s newspaper. You could also try listing them on an online auction or classified website and set an appropriate price for the equipment, giving accurate descriptions of them, and providing photos to clearly, show your potential buyers the condition of every single club. Be assured; you will get good money for what you thought was useless and only deserved to be in the garbage.

Still wondering what else you can do with your old golf clubs? The ideas are endless. Let’s see what ideas are next.

5. Making a table

Cut four golf clubs, each in half. Use the bottom halves to make table legs, and then use bonding or hot glue to mount the club heads onto furniture coasters. Next, glue black or brown golf balls on top of each golf club, and glue the other end of each club to the golf balls, ensuring the shafts are connected in a square with the golf balls at every corner. Allow them to dry and you will have made the frame of your table. To make the top, find an old wooden chess board and glue it to the upper part of the golf balls. You have your table ready for use.

6. Making a Shadow Box Frame

Create a frame for your shadow box by measuring each side of the box and then cutting one of your old golf clubs to match each of the measured sides. The four heads and the shafts of the clubs you have shortened make a frame. Next, line up the clubs in that, a head is at each and every corner of the frame, ensuring the shafts connects one head to the other. Use bonding glue to glue the shortened clubs to each side of your shadow box.

7. Into agriculture now

Instead of leaving your old golf clubs lying around, use them in the garden to support your trellising plants like tomatoes and squash – the clubs provide a great support system.

Bottom line

These aren't the only ways to get something valuable out of your old golf clubs. There are many other ways, all you need is small research. But for now, from making shadow box frames, tables and support system for your garden plants, to offering your golf clubs for charity, to making trade-ins or selling them on classified and auction websites, you will be collecting gold out of your garbage.

Emilia Clarke

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