Your 6-Step Guide on How To Become a Professional Golfer

Do you want to earn money from golf? Do you want to be in line with some of the best in the sport? Do you want to play the sport professionally? If you answer YES to these questions, there is one thing that you should do – become a professional golfer!

The journey towards being a pro, however, is not easy. Tiger Woods, for sure, did not just achieve his professional status overnight. Like all others, there are steps that should be followed. You need to exert effort, spare time, and even spend money. It might be a long journey, but at the end of the day, it will surely be all worth it.

If you are thinking of how to become a professional golfer, I invite you to keep on reading. By the time that you are finished, I am confident that you will gain insights on how to do it.

Benefits of Being a Golf Pro

Before I give you the steps on how to become a professional golfer, let us first have a quick look on its benefits, which will provide you with good reasons to follow the steps I will enumerate later on.

  • Become a Top Player: This is perhaps the most common reason why many people are interested in being a pro golfer. It can allow you to play in national tournaments and win money, making it a good idea for a living.
  • Become a Club Manager: If you do not want to play in tournaments, being a pro is also good because it can open career opportunities for you. You can work as a club manager and assist amateurs. You can even teach golf and earn money from it.

In short, by being a pro, you will gain extensive knowledge and skills about the sport. In turn, you can use this knowledge as a player or as someone who will be guiding amateurs to learn golf as well.

Steps on How to Become a Professional Golfer

Now, let us go to the important part. Generally speaking, the following are the steps that should be undertaken to become a professional golfer.

Step 1: Improve your Game

The first step that you have to take is to be the best in what you do – in playing golf. This may require a lot of practice. If you are starting from zero, I suggest that you begin watching videos online. See a lot of golf games, whether on TV or live. As they say, practice makes perfect. Keep on playing. Even in your backyard, you can start practicing. Invest in basic golf equipment, such as golf clubs for beginners. It can be hard, but do not give up. This is just the beginning of your journey. Find reasons to be motivated such as by reiterating your end goal in mind – to become a pro.

Step 2: Work in a Golf Course

This is one step which some people might find unnecessary, but I believe that this is essential on how to become a professional golfer. This is where you will gain practical experience, which can later on be applied to your formal education as a pro. It does not matter what position you take in the golf club. The important thing is that you will be exposed to the sport. This also means that you will be watching a lot of games, and more importantly, you can learn from the pros who are playing in the golf club where you are working.

Step 3: Take the Playing Ability Test

By this time, you are now ready for an assessment. The Playing Ability Test, PAT for short, is administered by your local PGA. Essentially, this is going to be a measurement of how much you know about the sport. During the test, the requirement is for you have a 36-hole score in 15 shots. This may sound simple for many. But, let me warn you! It is not going to be easy. In fact, based on recent statistics, only 20% of those who take the exam will get the score that is required. With this, I suggest that you practice a lot and to perfect your skills before taking the test. With thorough preparations, frustrations will be lesser, and more importantly, there is a higher likelihood that you will be able to achieve your professional status. All the sweat will be worth it once you pass the test.

Step 4: Enroll in an Education Program

This is one of the most extensive process in the steps on how to become a professional golfer. This is like formal school education. You need to have the books that are required. There are other course materials that are available, including those that can be accessed online. There will also be tests, which are meant to provide an evaluation of how far have you gone in terms of the knowledge that is gained from your education.

Depending on where you live, there ae different programs that you can take. They come in different names, such as Foundation Degree in Professional Golf Studies and Higher Education in Professional Golf. The PGA National Training Academy provides a formal community to educate those who are wanting to be a professional player.

Step 5: Pass The Tests

But I already passed PAT? This is most probably the question that you have in mind now. Well, PAT is just sort of a screening test before you can enroll in formal education. Once you start in your golf school, there will be a series of tests. Minimum scores must be met. If you are not able to satisfy such, you will fail. You can enroll again, but you have to first make sure that your skills will dramatically improve so that there will be no more frustrations.

Step 6: Enjoy your Life as a Pro

If you reached this step, CONGRATS! You are now a pro. All of your efforts have gained fruition.  By this time, you are better in golf, and hence, there are tons of opportunities that can open up for you. You can start playing in professional tournaments or work as a club director. You can also start teaching novices. Having a pro status will give you the bragging rights, and of course, will command an attractive compensation.

Still confused about how to become a professional golfer? Here is a short video that summarizes the points that I have earlier mentioned.


By now, I hope that it is clearer for you how to become a professional golfer. It may take a couple of years before you achieve your pro status, but believe me, your patience will be rewarded. Once you are a pro, you can enjoy many perks. Better knowledge about the sport is just one of them. Being paid higher is another.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Do you have other insights on how to become a professional golfer? Got any questions? Let your voice be heard. Feel free to write in the comment section. Let’s talk!

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